Twelve questions to a doctor Veselības projekti Latvijai

Twelve questions to a doctor

Pills may cure of disease or reveal of symptoms. Not always pilss are needed and it is not the only one opportunity how to get a good health. The pilss are chemical substances with an information of using. A good prescription of the pills includs a conversation with the doctor and patient who is using the pills. Further queastions may help you in this conversation.

  1. How the pills are called and what are their active component parts? If the name of the pills are given by one company, isthere available cheaper ones with the same component parts?
  2. Do I need to use these pilss if I am pregnant woman, feeding with breast or planning to became pregnant?
  3. How do these pills act? Do they heal me or relieve the symptoms?
  4. When and how do I have to use them?
  5. How can I know if the pills are acting? What do I have to do if they are not acting?
  6. How long should I use them? May I stop using them if I start to feel better?
  7. What are the most often side effects? Are there any rare and serious side effects? What do I have to do if I notice side effects?
  8. What do I have to do if I forget to take pilss in once or more times?
  9. May I use these pills in the same time with the others? May I use alcohol? Are there any dishes I should be avoid? May I drive a car?
  10. Is it possible to become addicted from these pills?
  11. What will happen if I decide not to use these pills?
  12. Are there any alternatives of treating (without taking the pills)?