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Health Projects for Latvia convene a conference on access to medicines in the Baltics


On 13 October, 2017 Health Projects for Latvia convened an international conference “Access to Medicines in the Baltics. Changing the Narrative” with an aim to initiate discussion among decision makers of the Baltic countries, health policy experts, patients, health care professionals, academia and civil society of the  inequalities in medicines access in the Baltic region and possibilities to reduce them.


The main themes of the conference were:

  • The latest developments in the EU debate on pharmaceutical policy . How the policy makers in the Baltics could make use of these new developments?
  • The role of health technology assesment in the discussion of access to medicines. How effective are the new and expensive medicines and how justified are the prices of the innovative medicines. Do new therapies always mean a therapeutic advance to patients?
  • How the patent system impacts affordability? Is it feasible that the current system of reaserch and development will be changed in the future? Does the current system offer best possible results for patients?


The event attracted up to 100 stakeholders including decision makers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the regulatory sector, payers (health insurance companies and governments), health NGOs, patients, doctors and pharmacists, academia, the media, pharmacy students and the industry.


The presentations of the conference are available here:

Yannis Natsis, EPHA The Access to Medicines Debate in Europe. Particularities and latest developments

Beate Wieseler, IQWiG, Evaluating Therapeutic Advances in the Patients‘ Best Interest

Alessandra Ferrario, Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, A framework to understand variations in utilisation of HER-2 targeted medicines for breast cancer

Ellen ‘t Hoen, Medicines Law and Policy, Private Patents and Public Health. Changing intellectual property rules for access to medicines

Elita Poplavska, Anda Ķīvīte, Health Projects for Latvia and Riga Stradins University, C hepatitis case study in Latvia. Lessons learned. Are we ready for the next Sovaldi?


Conference in the news: 

Conference Report.