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Our research studies

Survey of responsible medication disposal


To find out what Latvian residents do with unused medications and whether they sees environmental hazards and other risks associated with the improper disposal of unused medication, Health Projects for Latvia in collaboration with TNS has conducted the survey.

After the data analysis a report "Disposal of unused medicines: Latvian citizens' awareness and action" is prepared, which includes recommendations for improving the situation. The report was sent to the Ministry of Health and the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, as well as the Latvian Pharmacist Association, Foundation for Environmental Education, the Association of HomoEcos, Environmental News magazine and broadcast "Environmental Facts". From the Ministry of Health has received acknowledgment of the involvement and the fact that they are on the agenda included the issue of the resumption of discussions with the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry on disposal of unused medicines single system design.

With NGO's "Health Projects for Latvia" participation Latvian Pharmacists Association has obtained financial support from the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund for public educational campaign about the proper disposal of unused medicines. Social campaign "Bring useless medicine to a pharmacy" took place from 20 October - 16 November and during the campaign 2 tons of useless medicines were brought to pharmacies by Latvian inhabitants.

Ar VPL līdzdalību Latvijas Farmaceitu biedrība ir ieguvusi finansiālu atbalstu no Latvijas vides aizsardzības fonda sabiedrības izglītošanas kampaņai par neizlietoto medikamentu pareizu utilizāciju. Sociālā kampaņa „Nodod nederīgās zāles aptiekā!” ir norisinājusies no 20.oktobra – 16.novembrim un tās laikā Latvijas iedzīvotāji aptiekās nodevuši 2 tonnas nederīgo medikamentu.

The Project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Program is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism and Latvian state. More information:www.sif.lv; www.eeagrants.lv; www.eeagrants.org