Objectives Veselības projekti Latvijai

"Health Projects for Latvia" is an independent non-governmental organization - member of the international organization Health Action International, the only NGO in Latvia working exclusively on medicines policy from the public health perspective.

Objectives of the organization "Health Projects for Latvia":

  1. To contribute to better governance of medicines and health policies;
  2. To contribute to more rational use of medicines in the region;
  3. To promote access to medicines to all groups of society;
  4. To contribute to independent and evidence based information about medicines and their use;
  5. To promote patient and community empowerment.

    In order to reach its goals “Health Projects for Latvia” builds a network with the Ministry of Health, National Health Service, Health Inspectorate, Consumers Rights Protection Center, Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia, Latvian Physicians’ Association and other organizations.

    The organization “Health Projects for Latvia” is open for everyone, who wants to promote achievement of its objectives.

    “Health Projects for Latvia” is pharma-free and not using pharmaceutical funding (donations, sponsorship, etc.) for implementing its activities.