NGO Fund 2016 Veselības projekti Latvijai


NGO "Health projects for Latvia" has gained the foundation of NGO Fund, which will support the activity of project in order to improve the access of drugs to Latvian citizens.

The project aim is to strengthen and support the NGO "Health projects for Latvia" activities to improve access of drugs to Latvian citizens. The main objective will be achieved by the implementation of the set of sub-tasks:

  1. To strengthen the capacity of the NGO in public relations.
  2. Strengthening NGO's expertise by providing opportunities for its members to visit the experience exchange programs or conferences.
  3. To promote mutual cooperation among organizations, public awareness and to activate the public to participate and engage in the occurrence of HIV / AIDS drugs and ensuring those who need them.
  4. Encourage non-governmental cooperation and experience exchange, activity and involvement in improving access of drugs to Latvian seniors.

The main direct target group is the NGO's members, seniors' organizations, medical and pharmaceutical students' organizations and patients' organizations.

The project will take place in Riga, Carnikava, Livani, Preili and sweets from 1, June, 2016 to 31,October.

The event is financially supported from the Latvian state budget by the Society Integration Foundation.