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  • Health Projects for Latvia convene a conference on access to medicines in the Baltics


    On 13 October, 2017 Health Projects for Latvia convened an international conference “Access to Medicines in the Baltics. Changing the Narrative” with an aim to initiate discussion among decision makers of the Baltic countries, health policy experts, patients, health care professionals, academia and civil society of the  inequalities in medicines access in the Baltic region and possibilities to reduce them.
  • Health Projects for Latvia organize a discussion on access to the new and expensive medicines in Latvia


    On 9 June, 2017 Health Projects for Latvia organized a round table discussion “Access to the new and expensive medicines in Latvia – problems and possible solutions.” During the discussion case studies on Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS and oncology situation and access to medicines in Latvia were presented and possbile solutions to improve the financial access to the needed medicines were discussed.