EEZ DAP 2013-2015 Veselības projekti Latvijai

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EEZ DAP 2013-2015

Non-governmental organization "Health Projects for Latvia" in coopeartion with "Patients’ Ombud" in an open project selection has won the European Economic Area (EEA) Operational Support Programme (OSP) funding for project "Good governance and patient empowerment within Latvian healthcare system" realization.

Project goal: to strengthen the civil society and our NGO’s role in decision making processes and in the field of public advocacy, to strengthen democracy of collaboration, good governance and transparency, to build capacity of the organization. Place of project implementation: Riga.

Main activities:

1) participation in policy-making and ensuring good governance;

2) research on certain aspects of prescription and use of medicines, advertising of food supplements and utilization of medicines after expiry date;

3) education (campaign aimed at rational use of medicines, summer school for students, study programme for schools regarding rational use of medicines, workshop for seniors regarding advertisements of medicines).

Expected results:

1) at least 6 documents contributing to policy-making, highlighted risks of corruption in health-care system, promotion of good governance;

2) problems identified in utilization of medicines after expiry date, in the field of generic medicines and advertisements of food supplements;

3) education of Latvian public (children, students and seniors regarding rational use of medicines, in respect to ethical aspects of relationships between pharmaceutical industry and physicians, as well as characteristics of medicines’ advertisements;

4) strengthened overall capacity of organization.

The total funding of the project: in 2013 – 4199.93 LVL, in 2014 – 19948.20 EUR, in 2015 – 19920.61 EUR

Non-governmental organization "Health Projects for Latvia" is a partner of "Patients’ Ombud" project 'Active promotion of civil society in the health sector, "Support Centre of Latvian patients and health NGOs" and supportive tool establishment.'

The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Program is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism and Latvian state. More information:;;