Concept Veselības projekti Latvijai

Conference “Access to Medicines in the Baltics: Changing the Narrative”

2016 is the year that marked a turning point in access to medicines debate in Europe. During the Dutch Presidency in the EU the current problems were named and analyzed – unjustifiably high prices, questionable innovative value of new drugs, business model that works well for the pharmaceutical industry but does not offer the best possible outcomes for patients and the society.

Will the Baltic countries be able to seize the moment and raise their voices to stress the problems we encounter due to the small market and lower capability to reimburse the medicines with unreasonably high prices that lead to even bigger inequalities in the EU? How innovative are the new therapies? Are there alternative models of drug development?  Is the change possible?

The aim of the conference:

1.To initiate discussion among decision makers of the Baltic countries, health policy experts, patients, health care professionals, academia, civil society and the industry of the inequalities in medicines access in the Baltic region and possibilities to reduce them;

2.To  change the dominant narrative emphasizing the increasing of the health care budget as the only possible response to the raising prices of medicines as an example using the case studies on hepatitis C and anticancer medicines. 

Venue: Albert Hotel, Dzirnavu street 33. 

Time: 13 October, 2017 (9.00 - 17.00). 

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